Thursday, October 5, 2017

Becoming a Texas Fur?

‼️Big Decisions‼️

«I do realize no one comes to my website, so this is really just sort of a journal for me to write down my thoughts.»

  Yes that's right! I have finally figured out more of what to do with my life and have decided to become enrolled in the Noth Texas Jobs Corps Center. If everything goes right and they accept me, I will be moving to McKinney, Texas and live on the campus. I will be there training to be an Electrician for 8 to 12 months and I should be able to keep my job too. I will just transfer over to a Crackerbarrel store located in Allen, Texas which is only around 13 minutes away from McKinney.

  Figuring all of this out really made me quite happy, especially because my boyfriend helped me out tons. Without him, I really would be nothing and would still be sitting on my ass doing nothing but watching porn and playing games. None of this would have been a thought without him, so I am grateful to have him and can't wait until we can finally live together. If you are reading this Sam, I love you so fucking much ~❤️
  If everything goes right, I should be in Texas by January. So long Louisiana and good riddance!!

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