About Box The Otter

My 1st & Main 'Sona, This is Box!

Box The Otter

First name Box, last name Otto, Box is a North American River Otter who was born and resides in Louisiana. He wants to learn about other Hemisphere's cultures, not from a book or tv shows, but by traveling to different parts of the world and seeing it first-hand.


He is silly at most times which some people would call being immature, but he doesn't care. He is also shy and more physical than verbal when he meets someone new, especially when meeting someone in Real life for the first time. Box can also have (at times) a temper and can take certain things very serious.


If found in public, you can usually see him wearing a hoodie which he uses as a comfort object in place of his plushies stored safely at his home. He doesn't have a very good fashion since so you can also find him usually wearing some kind of basket ball shorts or cargo pants, and on rare occasions,  you can find him in some skinny jeans.


Some of Box's hobbies include gaming, singing (When alone.), dancing (Again, not in public unless he is with friends.), reading (Not into it as much as he use to be.), swimming (Hard to do now because there isn't a local pool and he doesn't like the nearby lakes, rivers or ocean; A result of too many shark movies, waste and chemical dumping by lazy companies, and fear of brain eating bacteria.), and photography of scenery (Which he would love to do more if he could travel).


Box is single and ready to mingle. His ex was a complete bitch and he has decided to stay away from relationships. He is still a horny fucker though so if you want some Otter ass just hit him up.

Other Info

• Owner of the Xbox club: The Furry Fandom For Xbox
• Gamertag: Box The Otter
• FurAmino: Box Otto
• Telegram: BoxOtter
• Kik: BoxTheOtter